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Tanglewood TW40 O AN Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood TW40 Acoustic Guitar With A Case

This Tanglewood Acoustic Guitaris 8 month old and You might see some signs of cosmetic wears but it remains fully operational or functional because its body, strings and other components remain intact with Case. This guitar is a limited edition, fairly used but in excellent condition. Price – $375 Company and Model – Tanglewood TW40 [...]

New Classical Guitar Trans Red

New Full Size Classical Guitar Trans Red STAGG C542 4/4

Product Description New Stagg C542 4/4 Full Size Classical Guitar Transparent Red is brand new unused, unopened guitar packed in its original packaging. It’s simply adorable and you can’t avoid. Beautifully designed guitar has an elegant look and invites fingers to play. Guitar details : • Classical guitar • Top, back & sides: basswood • [...]

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Cheap Dean Acoustic Guitars

Dean Guitars was established in 1976 in Chicago, USA. This company is currently owned by Armadillo Enterprises based in Tampa, Florida. This company is known for producing uniquely shaped guitars. The Dean ‘ESEL’ exotic wood guitar has been made from quilted maple completely – tip, back and sides. This acoustic guitar is a rare beauty [...]

Cheap Danelectro Electric Guitars

Danelectro Company produces musical instruments and accessories. It specializes in rock instruments like guitars, basses and amplifiers. This musical instruments company was founded in 1947 by Nathan Daniel. In the initial years, Danelectro Company made amplifiers for well known companies like Sears, Roebuck and few others. In 1954, Danelectro began manufacturing its own range of [...]

Cheap Yamaha Bass Guitars

The Yamaha Guitars are very popular through out the world. In 1887, Torakusu Yamaha, the man who founded the company made his first reed organ which got him orders and he manufactured more instruments. For the next 40 years, the company made pianos, organs, harmonicas and phonographs. In 1965, after a year of ‘Ed Sullivan [...]

Ibanez Acoustic Electric Guitars

Playing music on an acoustic electric guitar is a pleasure itself. The acoustic electric guitars from Yamaha are known for their unmatched quality like the Yamaha F310. This Company originated in Spain around 600 years ago. In 1960, during the Spanish Civil War, a Japanese firm bought the rights of the ‘Ibanez’ brand and began [...]


most common guitar mistakes

Struggling To Change Chords On Guitar: Good Advice

Playing guitars has always been one of the hottest passions among the music enthusiasts. Guitar is one such musical instrument which is not only known as a versatile one but also encompasses some elements of glamour or style. In movies, you can easily spot the main characters playing with their guitars in full throttle. So, [...]

Rhythm Guitar Tips

Some Critical Steps To Become A Better Guitarist

There are many people who have a hidden secret of playing guitar, if you are thinking that you should have a natural talent for doing so, you are wrong. You just have to be passionate to learn playing a guitar. If you are wondering about how to become a better guitar player, you ought to [...]


New & Used Guitars Models at Unbelievable Prices

Owning a Guitar is not possible for every music lover of this world. A guitar is a beautiful & melodious musical instrument that entertains you like nothing else through its magical sound. If you like guitars, then the idea of buying a guitar must have come into your mind many times. But, buying a good [...]

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