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Guitars -

A guitar is a musical instrument. It has ancient roots and has been used in a variety of musical genres. Generally a guitar has six strings, but there are guitars with four, seven, eight, ten, eleven, twelve and more strings.

Guitars are primarily used in jazz, blues, flamenco, country, rock and other forms of pop music. Guitars can also be a solo classical musical instrument. Guitars can also be played acoustically with the tone produced by string vibration and modulated by its hollow body. The electric guitars were invented in the 1930 and they have a profound influence on the global music world.

Traditionally, the Guitars have been made by various materials like woods, strung, animal gut and more recently nylon or steel strings. The repairing part of guitars is done by luthiers.

The guitars can be classified in these categories –

Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic–Electric Guitars, Classical Guitars, Hollow Body Guitars, Steel Guitars.

Guitar Components/Accessories-

Headsttock, Nut, FretBoard, Frets, Truss Rod, Neck, Strings, Body, PickUps, Bridge, Pickguard, Strap, Capotasto, Slides, Plectrum

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