Branded Guitars

Do you like music? Do you like playing Guitars? Do you want to buy a guitar for your home practice? Do you anything about the branded guitars?

This article guides you about the different guitar brands that are popular in the guitar market.

Today, there are over dozens of guitar brands available in the market. branded guitarsWe will cover the most popular ones. Here is a brief list of branded guitars.

1. Fender – This brand is renowned for top line guitars. It manufactures all kinds of guitars – electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The world famous ‘Stratocaster’ piece of guitar belongs to the house of Fender. The Fender guitars can cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Fender also makes custom guitars. in the world. Fender was established by ‘Leo Fender’ in 1946. It is the buy best guitar brand.

2. Gibson – This guitar brand comes just after Fender. Gibson is known for higher range of electric guitars that are known for their quality sound. This company produces acoustic, electric and jazz instruments. The history of Gibson dates back to the 1890s. Gibson. The ‘Flying V’ and ‘Les Paul’ series of electric guitars are very popular all across the world.

3. Yamaha – This is a well known Japanese musical instrument brand. Its guitars are sturdy and look great. It is one of the few Japanese companies that have gotten an edge in the US. Yamaha manufactures electric and acoustic guitars and many of these instruments look like copies of popular American models. They make classical style guitars inspired by the Spanish models. It is a quality brand guitar.

4. Ovation – This guitar brand is very distinctive in its instruments’ look. The ovation instruments have a rounded back and fiberglass body. They look apart from any other guitar in the market. Their sound holes are also different from others. The bass and treble of these guitars make a perfect blend to produce an amazing sound.

5. Martin – This musical instrument brand is known for superiority quality and great sound. These are very affordable guitars. It has been producing guitars since many decades. The acoustic guitars of this brand are larger than the other acoustic instruments.

6. Alvarez – This is one of the most popular branded guitars. This one brand is best known for its range of acoustic guitars. It has been producing guitar for more than 60 years. They are popular for their crispy sound. The Alvarez guitars are known for a well-balanced tone and great response.

7. Jackson – This guitar brand is known for its unique design and good sound quality. Originally, these guitars were meant to resemble like the popular ‘Fender Strat’. These guitars are best suited for the rock and metal music.

8. Guild – This guitar brand has many years of experience in manufacturing quality guitars. This is a completely American guitar company and has been manufacturing instruments for over hundred years.

9. Ibanez – This guitar brand has Spanish roots, but now it belongs to a Japanese group. Ibanez was known for reasonably priced instruments that are copied from the popular electric-guitars models like Stratocaster and the Les Paul. But, now it has its own range of quality guitars that are very popular.

Now, there are different guitar brands, so making a choice for a particular guitar brand is really difficult for many people. Every guitar brand is known for its unique characteristics. You have to choose a guitar brand that interests you the most. Price can be a big factor for many people to consider for their buy best guitar brand. Nowadays, there are many cheap branded guitars available in the market.

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