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G & L Bass Guitars

The G&L is a musical instrument company established by Leo Fender, George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt in 1970s. At the time Leo Fender had sold his company ‘Fender’ in 1965. He also designed and made instruments for Music Man Company in the 1970s through ‘CLF Research’, his own company. Later, G&L was created after the relationship with Music man soured.

G & L L2500 TRIBUTE – This is a 5 strings bass guitar. It features different tonal possibilities. It possesses the G&L’s unmatched quality in all areas. It features two G&L magnetic field humbucking pickups and also the G&L Tri-Tone electronics. It comes with a 3-way mini-toggle pickup selector that offers option to choose the pickup combination and a parallel mini-toggle and a preamp control also comes for variability. Its hard rock maple neck with the alder body and bridge provides tons of sustain. It rocks.

G&L ASAT – This is a modernized variation of the original design that the Leo Fender is renowned for. This fine single cutaway design instrument comes with a hard rock Maple neck, Tuning Machines and a fingerboard made of rosewood. It has a mounted and semi-hollow Ash body and a vintage 3 Tone Sunburst finish. It has a Pearl pick guard and two patented G&L single coil pickups (Magnetic Field Design) controlled by a single volume and a 3 Position Pickup selector switch. The hardware has a Patented G&L Saddle Lock Bridge that has separate adjustable string height and intonation.

G&L Tribute SB2 – This bass guitar is a beautifully crafted and produces a tone that is to die for. It is one of the finest stringed instruments with unmatched quality. This guitar features a G&L split coil humbucking pickup placed in the centre with one more G&L single coil placed in the bridge position that offers incredible growl and punch. The neck is made of hard rock maple in combination of alder body. The G&L saddle lock bridge offers a great sustain. It has Ultra-Lite tuning keys with one volume control for each pickup. The sound is excellent and so is the construction.

G&L L1000 – This bass guitar has a lovely natural finish and a swamp ash body. It features a Maple neck and a beautiful fret board made of rosewood. This guitar has one large passive MFD pick-up. The sound is really great. This guitar can sound like a vintage single coil P Bass. You can get a vintage Fender sound by using a slight single coil hum. It has a great sustain. The swamp ash body gives clean and musical tone. Its awesome, any one would like it.

Other Models –
G & L Tribute 2000
G&L JB-2 Jazz Bass
G&L L2000
G&l American l1500
G&L L2000 Leo Fender

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