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It is very hard for a beginner to handle a professional guitar as he is in his early stages of learning. There are certain guitars which are designed specifically for this purpose so that the learner can phase into the process with ease. If you want to find good guitars for beginners then you should definitely keep reading. Newbie guitars can be of mind kinds and you should know about them in details to decide the right one for you.

Top Electric Guitars

Squier Fat Strats are similar in appearance to the much more expensive Fender Stratocasters. These are one of several Squier models available that offer a pretty good product for a reasonably low price.

Modeled after the much more expensive Gibson SG guitars, the Epiphone SG G310 keeps its cost low by using cheaper hardware and lower quality hum bucking pick-ups.

Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica Series HSS Deluxe features an agathis body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard, with two single coil pick-ups, and one hum bucker.

The Fernandes Retrorocket X will be the best beginner guitar for you if you want great sustain and like the strat body style and pickup sound. Fernandes prides itself on the sustenance of its guitars and have made some technological designs that increase sustain on their guitars.

Best Acoustic Guitars

The Epiphone AJ-220ST is a great choice for the would-be guitarist – the best of the best beginner acoustic guitars! The guitar that comes with the Epiphone beginner pack sports a richer, more full-bodied sound than other best beginner guitar acoustic guitars packs in this price range.

Seaqull S6 is Canadian-made instrument and is terrific guitar – very highly regarded, both for their beautiful sound, and their excellent value. The S6 features a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides.

Fender CD-140S is lower cost Fender acoustic which boasts a solid spruce top, with laminated mahogany back and sides. Cheaper Fender products tend to be occasionally guilty of lackluster workmanship, but, considering the solid spruce top, this beginner acoustic guitar could be attractive to newbie.

The Ibanez AC30NT is another well-constructed instrument with solid Engelmann spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This combination creates a warm, bottom-end tone with bright highs.

Great Bass Guitars

Yamaha have earned a reputation for being a company able to produce quality instruments with low price tags. The RBX374, with it’s fully alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and P-style pickup, is no exception.

Ibanez GSR200 is a low-cost Ibanez bass guitar which has an individual look and feel. The body is made from Athagis wood, the neck from maple, and the fingerboard from rosewood. The GSR200 features a rather thin neck, which many people might find easier to learn on.

If you’re a bassist who loves the look of the classic Gibson Les Paul guitars, Epiphone model bass guitar may appeal to you. The Epiphone Les Paul bass features a solid mahogany body with maple neck, and two hum bucking pickups.

All the above mentioned options are suitable for the beginners but the final call lies in the taste and talent of the person.

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