Good Yamaha EC 112C2 Electric Guitar (Used)

Yamaha EC 112C2 Electric GuitarProduct Description

Yamaha is known for its quality range of acoustic electric and acoustic guitars. One is here created from premium materials in Yamaha’s own factory by expert’s hand. Hence you get more than satisfaction and worth of your money as they are the best into making music instruments.

Guitar details :

• 6 Strings Strat Style

• Nice sound

• 2 single & 1 double pick-ups

• Right-Handed

• Stratocaster

• Rosewood Fret Board

• 22 Fret

• 1 Tone & 1 Vol. Knob

• 3 Ply (2 Black and 1 white in the middle) pick guard

Yamaha EC 112C2 Electric guitar is a perfect combo of art and technology. Made with premium materials it has wooden base with metallic designs. Though it has a very minute dent below bridge that can be seen hardly moreover does not affect sound quality when you play fingers on acoustic guitar.

Price : $175.00

Condition : Used

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