How to Become a Professional Guitarist?

How to Become a Professional Guitarist

So, you are one of the many aspirants that want to be a profession guitarist someday in their lives? If that is right, keep reading.

Have you ever asked yourself that what is keeping you from being a popular guitar player?

No, you are wrong, it is not talent.
It’s Practice.

Of course, talent maters a lot, but this is also true that talent comes from continuous practice.

If you do not believe this, then look at it this way, who is your favorite guitarist? Do you know that even your music ideal could not play anything that can be called ‘good- to- ears’ the first time they ever touched up a guitar.

Let’s put your favorite guitar player in a time machine, send him way back to the first time he picked up a guitar… and let’s put him right next to you on the first day you touched a guitar… well you’d both sound pretty much the same…

There is one important thing that has to be learnt that there is a natural progression in every field that takes you from a raw beginner to a killer professional.

In other words, every musician first ‘Sucks’, then he becomes ‘OK’ moving on to ‘GOOD’ and at last, he finally becomes ‘GREAT’. But, of course, this long journey needs true dedication and commitment. And that you can simply give by practicing for hours in your free time.

You have to agree that it is the natural progression that works for everyone. Ok, so you are one them who believe that some are just ‘Born’ with it, then even that ratio is very small, that applies to one in a million only, but what about the rest. They all reach the top by practicing.

If you want to become a great guitarist then you have to and have to climb all the ladders step by step. It’s a law of nature.

So, next time keep in mind that the major difference between you and a famous guitarist is only the total number of hours dedicated to practice by both of you.

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