Tanglewood TW40 Acoustic Guitar With A Case

Tanglewood TW40 Acoustic Guitar With A CaseThis Tanglewood Acoustic Guitaris 8 month old and You might see some signs of cosmetic wears but it remains fully operational or functional because its body, strings and other components remain intact with Case.

This guitar is a limited edition, fairly used but in excellent condition.


Company and ModelTanglewood TW40

Type of GuitarRight Handed Acoustic

Product Description

The Tanglewood guitar is a classic model of Martin Orchestra model {OM} which is closely related to the Vintage Golden Martin era of the 1930s and 1940s.

This guitar is characterized by a neck that is designed to join the body at its 14th fret position, and spruce top which is solid and durable. It is an old school shaped guitar with a bridge saddle alongside top nuts made from real bone.

Tanglewood Guitar comes with an extra scale that extends by 25 -3/4 inches in length – this differential this guitar from similar guitars. The slight extra scale found on this guitar makes it possible to maintain the integrity of its tone. Tanglewood acoustic guitar comes with Mahogany design on both sides, while the vintage V-style neck has been retained to make the guitar look good. The playability of this guitar is evident in its detailing, while each fret on the rosewood finger board is excellently fitted for enhanced and comfortable usage.

Tanglewood comes with medium action settings for its gauge strings to enhance its comfortability during play; the guitar is also rattle-free making it sound very good. The Tanglewood TW 40 is quite loud, but the tone remains very bright and balanced. Each note on the TW40 is precise and clear, the guitar doesn’t compress when you start playing it, and it is quite sensitive to a player’s touch. The Tangle hard case the accompanies this guitar is an arch-top case with padded interior to give maximum protection to your piece of instrument.

Features Of The Tanglewood TW40

  • Solid spruce top design
  • Back and sides made with durable and shiny Mahogany
  • Scale length and Nut width: 25-3/4 inch and 1-3/4 inch, respectively
  • Tortoise style, pick guard
  • Natural gloss finish with antique stain design
  • Belly-bellow Style Bridge {traditional}
  • V-shaped neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard material
  • Cream binding
  • The open gear tuners come with precision Waverly metal buttons
  • Rosewood fret board with mahogany neck.
  • Tanglewood TW 40 is a limited edition guitar because its production has been stopped.
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