Which is the Best Guitar Company?

Which is the Best Guitar Company

When it comes to Guitars, there are dozens of brands in the market and out of them some are good, some bad and few are truly excellent.

If one guitar lover wants the best sound and quality, it really pays to go for a renowned brand name. The price may be higher, but you get the best sound and quality, and that’s what you want. So, what is the point in choosing an inferior quality brand?

If you are serious enough about quality guitars, then take a look at the following guitar companies.

1. Fender – This guitar company tops all the rest. This is the most popular through out the world. This is a name that is known for the world famous ‘Stratocasters’. Today, the original guitars from this manufacturer are worth thousands of dollars. Fender also manufactures custom guitars, and some famous guitarists play them like ‘Santana’.
The Fender electric guitars are the most popular.

2. Gibson – After Fender, Gibson hold the second place. This company is known for manufacturing quality guitars from many decades. This group produces high quality acoustic guitars that are in demand all over the world since they were first produced. Famous musicians like ‘Soundgarden’, and the ‘Allman Brothers’ band have been using Gibson guitars.

3. Albanez – When it comes to bass guitars, look nowhere but at Albanez guitars.
They are not very expensive. They are fast, sturdy and produce great sound. This group never made a bad bass. Ibanez offers more bass models than any other. This is the best choice for the bass instruments.

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